Serena has always been inspired by resilience. She first recognized resilience when teaching in a U.S. public school where the majority of her students, who had migrated from war torn countries, were more than just fourth graders; they were interpreters and cultural mediators for their parents. Serena was inspired by the capacity of her students and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the work they did to support their families. She made a conscious decision to shift gears and pursue graduate studies, earning a master in social work and public health, and exploring mechanisms for nurturing resilience and community empowerment. It was in graduate school where she first used photography and art as a means to engage communities and advocate for justice. Ultimately, she transitioned into clinical social work practice where she uses these same tools, as well as evidence-based practices involving yoga therapy and psychotherapy to empower individuals.

Recently, Serena evolved her work as a writer to document the legacy of David Kpormakpor, the former interim President of the West African nation of Liberia, a man she came to know and be inspired by while working with the Liberian community on Staten Island in New York City.
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